Facility Management

At BLM, we understand the relationship between productive workplaces and your bottom line.  Maintaining employee satisfaction, being sustainable, and managing costs is often easier said than done. In turn, corporations can feel overwhelmed by deciding where to focus their efforts. Trinity offers a partnership which helps our clients achieve all their goals.

By leveraging proven processes, quality assurance and specialized management techniques for your facilities, the BLM facility management solution seamlessly streamlines the effectiveness and advances the profitability of your business. For more than a decade, BLM has delivered results-driven facility services in environments that demand the highest levels of attention to detail. Whether it’s a supportive living facility, a senior’s apartment, a health care facility or a high-rise office building, we can customize a plan for your unique building or facility-management requirements.

Results-Driven Facility Management Services Designed For Your Unique Business Needs

  • Proactive and predictive maintenance program to minimize breakdowns and reduce costs.
  • Improved reporting to monitor costs, identify trends and track maintenance activity.
  • Enhancement of and adherence to preventive maintenance programs that can extend asset life.
  • Enterprise-wide management and maintenance solutions based on industry best practices.