Construction Maintenance

Our approach to Construction Management can best be described as “cooperative” To accomplish this, we partner with our consultants, sub-trades, and you, our client, to jointly create the best, most effective solutions, within an affordable budget.

Construction Management Accounting

Our Project Accounting system provides up to date job tracking in a user-friendly format. Our process is completely transparent; clients receive full disclosure as all job invoices are attached to the monthly draw. Each invoice is signed off by the owner or owner’s representative and Project Manager and the final draw is signed off by the Director of Finance. During the administration of the project, any savings or discounts achieved are returned to the owner.

  • We review your general requirements, identifying and addressing any special needs and assist in the development of the overall concept of the project. In summary, we make a thorough analysis of your short and long-term facility requirements.
  • We partner with the consultants and owners in an integrated design process.
  • Based on conceptual/preliminary drawings we prepare a preliminary budget. We revise and update the preliminary budget based on the recommended changes and latest working drawings. From this, we establish the final budget.
  • We assist in providing liaison and coordination among the regulatory authorities to
    obtain all required approvals.
  •  We prepare a construction schedule and identify items with long delivery dates. These items are then prioritized, within the schedule.
  • Tendering – we will invite a minimum of 3 sub-trades for each construction discipline to provide a quotation. These trades are selected for their reliability, competitiveness, quality and availability.
  • During the tendering stage, we can mobilize on-site and prepare for construction. The tendering will be sequenced according to the schedule of events required on-site.
  • We receive and analyze all tenders, making recommendations prepare contract
    documents for your approval, and ensure that all applicable legal requirements are
    complied with.
  • Upon approval to proceed, we commence construction under the direct supervision of the project manager. During construction, we provide planning, scheduling, expediting, technical and safety coordination, necessary for the proper execution of the work of all trades.
  • During the course of construction, the project manager is responsible for the
    administration of the project. This includes the processing of quotations and changes, review of shop drawings, scheduling, and communicating to all parties.
  • Post Construction – we address project close-out procedures and deficiencies. We also provide warranties and maintenance manuals, as-built drawings, and a 1 year follow-up review to ensure that all work has been completed as per the contract documents.