Why BLM?

Most contractors or building renovators will  use MDF bathroom is terrible for water fiberboard mould.

MDF is an engineered wood made from composite wood pieces and fibres held together by wax or a resin adhesive. Its durability comes into question when moisture is introduced. Material like MDF is fibre-based or made of fibres that are not consistent sizes. It hides mini air gaps which soak up and retain moisture. The other downside to MDF is formaldehyde. This is a byproduct of the adhesives used to construct MDF veneers to the wood being used.

MDF doesn’t expand and contract as much as real wood. They can be damaged by moisture if water penetrates the surface of the wood, creating swelling. BLM contracting uses Pine wood in bathrooms to handle the humidity-based expansion and contraction environment without cracking or bending. The wood is consistently granulated, which doesn’t allow swelling to happen at all.

Quality Materials

BLM Construction Group works with ROCKWOOL insulation in providing the best for our clients. ROCKWOOL insulation contains fire stopping material, which protects and prevents the fire to spread around the wall such as pipes or wires. Along with fireproofing ROCKWOOL insulation is designed to reduce sound attenuation through the wall. Keeping the sound in a contained space preventing moving it from one area to another.

Sound reduction varies based on frequency, but at high frequency the reduction would be between 40-50 dB and at low frequency the reduction would be between 10 – 15dB.

ROCKWOOLs insulation is moisture resistant yet vapor permeable. If the insulation was to become damp or wet, when thoroughly dried, the insulation will maintain the original performance characteristics.